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Yes, it's true. The layout changes gave it away: I'm actually on LiveJournal again, and this time, I'm posting.

It should go without saying that during graduate school I spend little time on this, and this is my last semester, and therefore the one during which I am Most Likely to Forget About Everything Except The Exam in January.

A quick update, for those who came in late. ;)

I did, in fact, get married on July 22 (the day after the next most-recent post, if you can call it 'recent' at all). The ceremony was lovely (ask [ profile] bluecanarykit, she was there) and my husband is still the most wonderful man in the world. I'm not settling into Wifey per se, but I have been enjoying the pure, simple mundanity that is Sharing a Life Together.

Also, I turned 29 a few weeks ago. I am no longer under any obligation to get older. I may choose to do so, but that is entirely my option. ;)

Other than that, I'm working in the library again, designing a few sites here and there, and generally enjoying myself.

In this generous spirit, I offer you some online, free, and (mostly) highly artistic entertainment of the webcomic variety:

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I am so loved. I mean it. Really, really loved.

I have gotten two real cards and three e-cards (here's one) within the last 24 hours. I had a happy birthday wish via IM when I got up, from a friend in Germany who had to go up to work on a Saturday afternoon to send it (thanks Christian! *hugs*) Kind and generous gifts are allowing me to treat myself to a book (thanks Joel!) and a bookshelf from Pier 1 (thanks Grammary!)

I am so grateful for my life and the quality of life that I have today, I could just burst.

I am tempted to write the very 13-year-old phrase "This is the best birthday EVER!" because it just so happens to be true.

I have so much to be grateful for, and it's all of you. To everyone I can't physically hug right now, consider this the biggest hug I can give.

With much love and fondness, on the best birthday ever,



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