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I rock. No, really.

I got my midterm back from Dr. Taleghani today, the take-home one that I dreaded for a few days, then got over and finally, wrote.

I'm sitting here with a mad grin, just 'cause I done good.

Needless to say, the general academic outlook is on the upswing, so of course I'm thinking of the post-semester pleasures that await:
  • catching up on Sinfest
  • reading for fun again*
  • sleeping past 6:30
  • getting back to the gig
  • getting back on the Gigcast
  • getting out of Wescoe
  • spend more time with joel that doesn't involve me reading for class
  • having a clean apartment
  • having time to actually cook
  • naptime, anytime!
  • working on Blue Canary with Kit (inasmuch as I help anyway)
  • playing around with random languages (this this or this) because I CAN!

That should do it. For now. I could go on and on (really) but unfortunately, there's a lot left to be accomplished before I get started on that particular to-do list. Hopefully this will serve as a motivator, instead of a procrastinator.
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I was taking 9 graduate hours in my first semester teaching, and I thought I was going nuts because I couldn't handle it.

Turns out I was nuts for trying it. Had a nice long talk with my advisor today and I'm dropping my MW 3:00 class. (Yay!) With one lit course and a teaching methodology course I should be able to swing it. That, and I'm planning now to take an extra semester for the masters degree. That feels right, and Dr. Marx agrees. Much more sane, slower approach, so that I'll be able to really absorb what I need to learn, and not go crazy in the process.

Much much better.

I'll have to go talk to Dr. Koch tomorrow, but I can do that. Or maybe Wednesday. I don't know. Since I'm dropping his class, it would be politic of me to let him know in person.

I think I'll drop it now, if possible. What a weight will be taken off my shoulders. And if I can't get a teaching assistantship for the next year, I'll just work and take out loans. I don't have any to speak of yet, so I can allow myself a bit for one semester.

Big, big relief guys. Big time.
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I went to bed early last night, at least earlier than intended, and woke up about 30 minutes before the alarm went off. So, being the 'net geek that I am, I padded into the living room, woke the computer up and started checking email. I had gotten an IM from Christian in the night, and he had already disconnected. I thought, ha ha, how nice and yet how typical, more IM tag, I'll write him a little note to tag him back.

At that moment, he comes back online. :) So, my nice surprise of the morning was actually getting to chat with C, instead of the eternal game of IM-tag.

In any case, I'm happy today. Between that and all the new friendships I've been building here, I'm feeling... well... look up. >^.^<

Now, getting down to business and doing all my schoolwork is another thing. I'm perfectly certain that I've overloaded myself (again) this semestser, but it's for a good cause...namely that I don't have to in the spring, when I'm theoretically taking my master's exam. Luckily almost all of my readings for this semester (in the TWO grad level lit courses) are on the master's reading list (thank you Dr. Koch and Dr. Crawford!).

Getting all of this done, however, is an exercise in discipline... and I'm pretty out of shape.

I'm trying a new approach now -- staying at school until it's done. Once I get home, I want to be able to rest and relax. That, and work on the Gigcast website. With the podcasts and everything, I'm getting pretty involved with NG, and besides that, I want to have a life outside of Wescoe Hall.

Which means I'll need to leave my work there. We'll see how that develops.
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In case you all were wondering (and I know some of you were), there has been no update lately because I, Jocelyn, have been busier than the proverbial headless chicken trying to move out of my dorm room and go home. Reducing my life to the contents of two suitcases is a daunting task (well nigh impossible, actually) and many things have had to bite the dust in the interest of space or weight limits. Speaking of which, I still need to call the airline...

Besides the multitudinous items requiring my attention, I am also apparently either 1) stressing out or 2) getting sick. Not a good thing, and not particularly conducive to the level of productivity that is now required of me.

The bright side: in two days and seven hours, I should be home.
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My last class was today! Whoo hooo!

I now am the proud holder of 3 Scheine, with two more to earn and one to be picked up next week. My last test (and the only one remaining) will be on Thursday July 21, 9:45 a.m.

In other news, I move out of my room officially (they come to check it) on Wednesday, July 27 at 3 p.m. They'll come by to check the condition of furniture, etc, on the 21st at 1 p.m.

Things are moving... and so am I, in two weeks. Thank goodness for Dory, and being able to stay at her house! I might even take some of my things over there early, if she doesn't mind...
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or it may as well be. The party keeps going and going and going...

It's 6 a.m. and the music is still playing, people are still being loud, and I still have class in two hours. I have no idea if I should go or not. Well, I should go; I just don't know if I will be worth anything. This requires prayer. Big time.

So does letting go of the resentment against the partygoers. I had options... I could have gone over to Katie's and slept there last night, but I didn't. I have no right to martyr about this.

So, what's the next right thing? Taking care of myself is priority one. It just remains to be seen what exactly that entails.

Edit: The music stopped at 6:15 a.m. Next time I will just stay at Katie's and not even try to sleep in my own bed. Never underestimate the tenacity of college students, at least when it comes to partying.
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I mean, why do I even bother? Yet another Tuesday night, and the building next to mine, right outside my window, is having a house party. I don't begrudge people their fun, but do they have to do it the night before I have class at 8:00 a.m.? In a subject I need to be there for?


At least it's cooler tonight. I might be able to have more windows closed tonight, and therefore more quiet. I guess we'll see.


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