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And gratefully, I have a bit of time to do it in.

For once, I've actually managed to read my friends' page, thanks to [ profile] bluecanarykit leaving hers up and my dear one not getting off work until about 8-8:30 tonight. In so doing, I managed to leave a few snark-filled comments on [ profile] scans_daily, see some fun cats on [ profile] bentolunch, and read stuff what made me think on a couple of journals, the extents of which are to be detailed here.

First, [ profile] prettywendylady posted an.. interesting.. meme. I'm going to use it for fodder on the geek blog, since that's where all my feminism training goes.

EDIT: My first post is here [scroll down, it's about the third item]. This whole deal has spawned another post, this one much more analytical than the first, which will be published as soon as I get permission from [ profile] prettywendylady to quote her. If she doesn't want to be quoted, I'll go from there.

Secondly, [ profile] hillarygayle posted a letter to the editor from the Jonesboro Sun, which I find particularly entertaining and, well, instructive, if you want to find out the kind of place I grew up with. Apparently, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, global warming is a joke.

Also, I should clue all you, my friends and readers, into the change that has knocked my balance around somewhat. The faculty at Unnamed University where I'm getting my M.A. has decided that they are "not confident I would finish a dissertation", and therefore have declined to recommend me for the Ph.D.

I found this out a week ago, and was... disappointed, hurt, and my pride was a bit wounded.

I've not been deterred from doing a Ph.D. somewhere else, however. What this means is that I wouldn't fit into their program, which is a feeling I've been getting for some time now (two years or so), when I am willing to admit it to myself. The short version: There's not a faculty adviser who could help me study what I want to study, and there's not enough variety/flexibility in the program itself to allow me to do so in the first place.

I'm not willing to spend my time trying to manipulate the education I want from a university that can't give it too me. No blood from a stone, so to speak.

So the next little while will be spent in contemplation, deciding what I want to do, and where I need to go to get that done. My dearest one is supporting me 100%, and willing to follow, if moving is necessary to my fulfillment.

More on that situation as it arises.

Finally, I ran into something fun:

Haiku2 for jocelyncee
break i'd had my break
already though serious
work stopped friday
Created by Grahame

Enjoy, all. It's good to be back.
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In the none-too-gradual countdown between now and my impending exams, I've been spending an inordinate amount of time doing... well, not nothing.  Just not as much studying for my exams as perhaps would be prudent.  A good chuck of my goofing off is at the hands of Civ III (I am NOT buying IV until after exams!  I promise!) but some of it has been reading on feminism, especially feminist blogs.

I got into this by being marginally interested in comics of the superhero variety, and being sent to Girls Read Comics by Karen Healey on  This opened up a whole can of worms, and, rather than just getting me more interested in superhero comics, this has opened my mind to many new ways of thinking, of observing, and has, most importantly, kept me reading.

And thinking.  And so very, very much.

Thus far I have learned about privilege, and that as a heterosexual cisgendered middle-class white female, I experience a good bit of privilege.  In fact, the only "strike" I have against me in the system that is our societal heritage is the female part.  So I don't get into discussions/crusades for women of color, the GLBT community or the impoverished -- although I listen.  When a group that is not privileged as I am gets up to talk, my job is to sit, listen, and get to know my privilege enough so that I can consciously avoid exercising it / benefiting from it.

In any case, I'm out of clearly laid-out comments to make right now, and I have Latin to translate.  I will be linking to read-worthy blogs on feminism as I go through this.


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