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So I imported ye olde blog into ye new WordPress doohickey, and presto! I had a massive amount of pointless posts all there, taking up space just like they do elsewhere on da internets. ^^

Then I was a-thinking to myself: 'Self, do you really need all that junk there? There might be embarrassing details from lives past, or at least stoopid little posts about nothing!' Seeing thereupon that my lovely self was right, I proceeded to begin a most righteous Spring Cleaning of the mess I'd just made.

In the process, I found all kinds of things that I'd forgotten about, including the LJ of someone I used to read almost six years ago because she and another co-hort had a lovely li'l web comic called As If! (Warning: much 80's goodness, well drawn and stuff). Well, come to find out the co-hort has a book now, published by TokyoPop.

I don't even really know these people, and I'm proud anyway.

Just goes to show I've been groomed to work with web comics folks for a looooooooooong time now. ^^

Speaking of which... I should be getting back to the Gigcast soon. Four weeks left until I graduate, and, due to somewhat unforeseen circumstances* I won't be PhD-ing just yet.

* of an academic nature, which will be expounded upon later. Suffice it to say, the faculty didn't agree with my decision to go on just here, just now.
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For anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who wants to learn to draw in a Manga, I've heard that Manga Secrets (art-ed by Lea Hernandez) is pretty good.

And Lea's thinking about writing a book, and self-publishing it, that would essentially be a follow-up to Manga Secrets.

In her words:
I want to do another book on drawing costuming. This is stuff lacking in almost all manga how-to. Not just how to draw clothes that look like clothes (instead shapes defined by elective slashes), but how to show a character at a glance with hair, clothes and attitude. Plus, a few stern lectures on what's Been Done To Death.

If you're interested, let her know.
If you know people who would be, let them know.

Hell, let *everybody* know.

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