Mar. 13th, 2007

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Two things:

1) My exams are coming up (less than two weeks now) and I'm stressing out.  So, since I'm stressed, I feel like looking at the pretty hydrangea close-up, instead of trying to find an icon that expresses stressed-out-edness.

2)  I have really done something to my hand.  The knuckles of my left hand (thankfully not my writing hand) are sore enough that certain movements are quite surprisingly painful.  Typing's fine, as is picking up a book.  But trying to slide a notecard from the back of a stack with my left hand *hurts*.  It's been a couple of weeks now -- I'm wondering if I'm clenching my fist in my sleep or something, because I can't really think of anything I've done to my left hand specifically that would cause any kind of strain on the ligaments around the middle knuckles of all my fingers except the pinky.  Since it aches to make a fist, I'm thinking that might be right.

That's pretty much the state of my right now.  I've been writing occasionally on differing topics, and thinking about writing more than I actually have been;  it's usually tekanji's fault.  I've been sewing lately too -- more for stress relief than anything else -- and I might actually get a bookbag out of it. ^_^

Okay, Tired Girl's going to quit typing and rest up until class.


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