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I've been contemplating a diet for some time now, and I won't bore anyone with yo-yoing/ballooning weight stories. We (almost) all have them, and anyway, they get told a lot.

So one thing a friend of mine (also dieting) sent me was this:

And I spent the better part of an hour keying in how many calories I burned, and felt quite optimistic. Then I started adding in my meals from the same time period. It scared me to death.

I don't eat that much. Really, for someone my height and weight, I don't. My husband is amazed by how little I eat.

Apparently, it's *what* I eat.

The last 24 hours (which I was counting) was a bit unusual... I ate out twice, had fried foods at both meals, but I thought that I'd eaten pretty modestly, sharing an appetizer and eating a side salad last night, getting chicken nuggets (which I knew were bad) and cole slaw for lunch.

The hidden fat was unbelievable. 65% of my calories were from fat. Now, I'm still getting a 1000 kcal deficit here (think: keep this up for a week and lose two pounds in that time), but seriously. I drank water. I had a salad with very little dressing. But the appetizer (fried, 60% of what came) accounted for (get this) one-half of my total caloric intake. And it was horribly horribly fatty.

So, it's like this. Eat more real (i.e., not processed) food. Eat out *sparingly*. Look look look at what's really in the food, not what you perceive to be there. They hide junk everywhere. You really can't be too careful.
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I actually might get ahead of this thing.

When I got back from Germany in August, I was a svelte size 10 (okay, just barely, but still) and more fit than I'd ever been in my life. Walking everywhere did for me what dieting and half-spirited attempts to work out at a gym never had.

Then grad school hit.

Even though I took the bus to school for a good portion of the previous two semesters, the meagre exercise I was getting to the bus stop and back was no match for trekking it to the train station, then getting off and trekking it to the university from there. My primary transportation in Stuttgart was a good pair of shoes (leather personnel carriers, as the mil folks said) and, despite my best efforts NOT to use my car, I still wasn't getting around enough here under my own power to combat the bulge.

I'm convinced American food has more crap in it than good stuff. But I digress.

So ten months and 3 sizes later, I'm starting a new program, a synthesis of my experiences on both sides of the pond. I'm cutting back on sweets (which are MUCH sweeter here, let me tell you) and taking a couple of exercise classes through the LPRD. I don't commit to going to the gym by myself, but for some reason I can commit to a class.

I also spent yesterday on walking errands. I live two blocks from downtown, so lunch, shoe shopping and the post office run were all done on foot. I even walked up to campus (although I took the bus back due to the two bags of books I brought back with me).

I need more days like that. I don't just need to work out; I need a more active life.

And so it begins. I'll be posting my progress here, for the world to see, and for me to remember.

So far, I'm feeling pretty good.


Okay, now that that's out of the way... it's meme time! )



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