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A few days ago I started browsing for medieval studies programs, but until yesterday I had primarily bookmarked any site I found, and left more thorough looking-into for another day. That day, apparently, was today.

Being my normal methodical-to-a-fault-when-it-suits-me self, I made a list yesterday of all the programs, and categorized them into "Certificate Programs", "Full Programs" and "Interdisciplinary Programs".

So far, I have three top contenders: Cornell, Yale and Toronto. All three appear to be excellent programs, although Yale's seems to be a bit more limiting than I would like. It is a Full program, not an Interdisciplinary, as the other two are. All three offer degrees to the PhD level in Medieval Studies, independent of another department, although all three universities provide that option as well.

Cornell was the first one I took a liking to, as first impressions go, and Toronto has grown on me; the more I read, the more I like the idea, realizing too that I have only yet begun to look at these programs, and that I will have much to do before I can get much further than just reading about them.

I have much to do anyway: determining and defining my primary areas of interest (which need not be limited to one subject area, especially for the Cornell program); discovering relative strength or weakness in those areas; the list continues, ad nauseam. In Latin especially I am deficient, and I will have to maintain a reading knowledge of French for any of these programs, which is also nearly as sorely lacking as Latin. I have a long way to go.

Looking at the program requirements, both for admission and for graduation, gives me a good idea of where to start when building up those skills I will eventually need if I am to attend one of them. I am definitely feeling more self-motivated, knowing that even taking Old French as a 'fun class' this semester is going to support further study possibilities.

Note on diction and syntax: can you tell I've been reading stuff from academia all day long??
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and it does, and it's good...

I'd been in a bit of a funk for the last couple of days, mainly because I was having trouble accepting the fact that, yes, indeed, I really do need to be single just now. When I say "having trouble", the best translation is "fighting tooth and claw". My ego wants to be impatient, but my heart knows better.

I don't know whether or not I have given up fighting completely, but the fact remains that I feel a great deal better today, and I'm getting excited about going back to school in the fall. I get to see first hand whether or not I really want to spend my life in a classroom or not. ;)

I have also been thinking ahead a bit, to the PhD program I will more than likely want to start as soon as the Master's degree is in my hand. I just started looking... so far the program that looks best on paper is Medieval Studies at Cornell. It is both an established program (begun 1968) and an interdisciplinary one - in fact, they require students to have at least one minor outside of their major field. Sounds like heaven to me. *grin*

I'm still looking at other programs elsewhere, but I know I will at least be visiting Cornell sometime in the next year (once I'm back in the States, that is).

Oh, and as blogged this morning... I finished my Old French translation assignment in record time. I'm getting excited about this!


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