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I'm actually at school. Working. Finishing this reading, etc., before I go home. Trying to get back on track. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up, and free my evenings from so much stress.

Edit: Thanks to [ profile] mbjlegalgirl I not-so-randomly looked at my horriblescope for today (via just for S&G.

"This is your day to take over and make things happen. Your dynamic and aggressive stance will not please everyone, but the accomplishments will speak for themselves."

I am somewhat amused. *grin*

Edit #2: I goofed. I said it was [ profile] hillarygayle, and it wasn't. Look at my friends page and you'll understand why. Lots of [ profile] hillarygayle, and one [ profile] mbjlegalgirl thrown in... Sorry Hil!
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so, I go to the Jazzhaus tonight to get out for a bit, since Mike Putnam invited me to tag along... well, Mike didn't show by the time I needed to come home to actually sleep, so I had a nice hour to myself there and went home afterward.

I had a drink there, and the combination of alcohol and soothing acoustic guitar got me in a thoughtful mood. Thoughtful intensified to pensive, then took on a brooding quality. The whole "why am I single" idea came up (of course) and didn't help matters; the thought crossed my mind to go to the ATM for more cash and stay for another drink or two. I decided against it (how, I don't know) and left. My mood didn't improve on the way; I was in a moderate funk by the time I got home.

But then, as God would have it (no luck involved there) I get home, sit down to the computer and Kortney comes online... tells me that a mutual friend is both pregnant and getting married, and we chat for a bit. Then Duygu comes online and I try to skype her, but we chat instead of talk because she's leaving for work. She asks how I'm doing, and I tell her honestly... that I'm bummed out about being single, but that I need to get over it. She proceeded to tell me exactly what I needed to hear, that love takes time, and patience.

Had I decided to stay at the Jazzhaus and get drunk (which is what I felt like doing), I'd have missed her and her wisdom.

Oh, and she's going to help me learn Turkish. :) Of course that cheered me up immensely.


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