Jan. 3rd, 2007 10:21 am
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Yup, my geekiness *really* knows no bounds. I managed to get the finances together enough to buy plane tix to Tampa, so I can finally meet some of these Nightgig people I've been working with for, oh, 'bout two years now. That's the real reason for going -- we've got a table again this year, and I didn't get to go last time.

I waited around for Christmas money so I could afford to go, and said if I found tix for around $200/$225 I could go.

Well, guess what? ^_^ $203. Fees and everything.

So I'm going to be taking a vacation of sorts in the middle of the semester. I'm going to miss class. I'm not going to care. After the exam (Jan 22nd) I don't think I'll really care all that much, anyway. I will also be missing the annual conference put on at KU by the German grad students, it turns out, although the date I originally heard was in March, not conflicting with Megacon (which was the case last year, and I was one of the ones running the grad student conference). Had my plans made; not my fault. I've been there every other time (except when I was in Germany, of course), so they can deal. :P
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See, I actually *do* post!

Ambitions are high lately, with finishing my M.A. (soon!), working on various Nightgig sites and related projects. (I'm not on the Gigcast proper this time, but I'm doing the show notes. Behind-the-scenes Girl strikes again.) I've also been tutoring (to fill out those 30 hours a week I'm allowed to work at KU), which I'm finding quite fulfilling. So far I have two tutees, and I think I have a third in my box in the tutoring office.

This morning's projects will be finishing the show notes for Gigcast #57 and working on Nick's site [a redesign of Dribble for Kids] if I get the time before I have to go up to school at 11.

Went to see Devil Music Ensemble [performing music to 1920's Jekyll & Hyde] on Sunday night. If you get the chance to see them, I'd do it: the tix are inexpensive ($8.50 here) and the experience is worth it.

As Agatha indicates, I'm feeling like getting tangible things done. :)

Still here

Jun. 29th, 2006 01:02 pm
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I apparently haven't had much writing in me lately. That promised proverbial 'real post' from three days ago never really materialized. I have, however, been coding over the last few days, and I've managed to redesign (and actually update) Ye Olde Blog.

That, and I'm working on a site redesign for this webcomic over at NightGig.

That's where the creativity is going these days. I must say I'm enjoying it. :)

Well, back to it.
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I went to bed early last night, at least earlier than intended, and woke up about 30 minutes before the alarm went off. So, being the 'net geek that I am, I padded into the living room, woke the computer up and started checking email. I had gotten an IM from Christian in the night, and he had already disconnected. I thought, ha ha, how nice and yet how typical, more IM tag, I'll write him a little note to tag him back.

At that moment, he comes back online. :) So, my nice surprise of the morning was actually getting to chat with C, instead of the eternal game of IM-tag.

In any case, I'm happy today. Between that and all the new friendships I've been building here, I'm feeling... well... look up. >^.^<

Now, getting down to business and doing all my schoolwork is another thing. I'm perfectly certain that I've overloaded myself (again) this semestser, but it's for a good cause...namely that I don't have to in the spring, when I'm theoretically taking my master's exam. Luckily almost all of my readings for this semester (in the TWO grad level lit courses) are on the master's reading list (thank you Dr. Koch and Dr. Crawford!).

Getting all of this done, however, is an exercise in discipline... and I'm pretty out of shape.

I'm trying a new approach now -- staying at school until it's done. Once I get home, I want to be able to rest and relax. That, and work on the Gigcast website. With the podcasts and everything, I'm getting pretty involved with NG, and besides that, I want to have a life outside of Wescoe Hall.

Which means I'll need to leave my work there. We'll see how that develops.


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