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So, it's like this.

My life has been all over the place lately... from absolutely calm and serene, to bubbly as a schoolgirl, to a crabby old woman. Man, the gamut I have run...

This last week... my goodness. I've skipped class, neglected readings, lapsed occasionally on yoga, gotten a bit too drunk, worn myself out and come down with the beginnings of bronchitis. To counterbalance all this, I have gone dancing, been flirted with, been randomly invited to dinner, enjoyed some intimate conversations with a friend, taken long walks, practiced piano and voice, unexpectedly improvised with other musicians, allowed myself the vulnerability of being honest, and spent more time outside than I did when I was a kid.

I hope every week between now and the time I have to leave Germany can be this blessed.

Sure, I'm sick, but that's fixable. I'm going to rest, and I'm not staying indoors, since I seem to do better outside. I'll be getting some sun, and I haven't sunburned really yet. (I have a little bit of my forehead that is burned, but not severely, even though it had no sunscreen on it.)

On the other hand, I can't taste much, and the coughing is starting to hurt. I took some cough syrup though... hopefully things will clear up enough for me to sing the gig tomorrow.

Tonight was okay, long rehearsal but with a very fun twist. Chris randomly started vamping the chords to "Always Look On the Bright Side of Life" (yes, Python) and the three singers (Tim, Bernadette and I) randomly started humming along together... all three differently... all three in harmony. We took it through almost all 12 key changes possible, going on for about 10 minutes. It was wonderful. Even though it was late, and my throat hurt, and my voice was unhappy, it didn't matter. We were having fun, enjoying the complete spontenaity.

It was magic.

I wonder sometimes if I haven't chosen the wrong career path. I guess all I can do is walk in the indicated direction, and see what happens. All I know is that, after tonight, I know performing music in some capacity needs to be a permanent part of my life.


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